Sunday, April 17, 2011

Pocket Full of Pink: Scrapbook Eye Candy Giveaway

Karen, over at Pocket Full of Pink, is having a giveaway for any scrapbook lovers out there like myself. 

In fact when I started crafting that is what I started with, scrapbooking. It makes all your memories and pictures so much prettier and it's really just relaxing to scrap. A Pocket Full of Pink is also a really awesome blog that you will like to follow. 
She has so many creative ideas and posts that you'll want to check for everyday. So go on over for your chance to win some pretty cool loot! Click here! Ends April 24th.


Karen said...

Thanks for blogging about the giveaway Jen! Your blog is fabulous:) I am a follower now! Have a great weekend. said...

I have got to say that scrapbooking has definitely enhanced my crafting. There are so many elements in scrapbooking that one can expand upon. I will have to check out that giveaway - thanks for the link.

I was so excited to read your comment about the "one tough cookie" gift you gave your sister. Thanks for sharing the good news with me!