Monday, September 13, 2010

Reading Teen- Back to School Giveaway

The awesome blog Reading Teen is doing a Back to School Giveaway which I think is just great. Even though I am 26 I totally understand the dread of going back to school...because I'm a 2nd grade teacher. So believe me I am right there along with the kids crying because I have to go back to school..Lol. The summer never seems to last long enough. So what is a better way to fight the "going back to school" blues then entering in the Back to School giveaway. Okay so it might not cheer you up, especially if you don't win but if you do it will totally make your day? week? year, maybe? Anyways go to the following link by 9/24 for your chance to win any of the ARC's that they have up for grabs.