Saturday, May 28, 2011

Ali Lilly-600 Followers Crazy Awesome Giveaway Week!! Day 3

I absolutely LOVE Twilight! And not just because of the movie....although Rob Pattinson is pretty hot, but because I really fell in Love with the books. I used to be a big time reader from as soon as I could start to read all the way through high school. I then went away to college and my reading books for fun came to a halt. When I finished I picked it back up again but couldn't find books that I was interested in.....then I saw Twilight! I was kind of leery about reading it because I considered myself too old to read Young Adult books but I finally did it. My dirty secret was that I LOVED it. Reading Twilight helped reignite my love for books and not just YA (which I immensely LOVE) but for all other books.  I am now no longer ashamed to admit that I really love reading young adult books. Instead of keeping it hidden I have recommended all my great reads to my friends, co-workers, and family. They even love them! So THANK YOU Stephanie Meyer for instilling the passion of reading into me again.

Wow that was long when all  I really wanted to say was that Day 3 of the Ali Lilly Giveaway week is a chance to win one Twilight Inspired Tote Bag with a Cullen Crest and one Twilight Inspired Wolf Pack Tote Bag with the Wolf Pack Tattoo!! Amy Sews is offering this great prize on Ali Lilly's Blog.

Aren't these way cool? So click here and enter today for your chance to win!

Ali Lilly-600 Followers Crazy Awesome Giveaway Week!! Day 6

Day 6 of the Ali Lilly Giveaway week is a cute reusable bag from Life of Perks. I want one because it folds up just like a wallet to keep in your purse that way you never forget it at home. That's the problem when I use my reusable bags I sometimes forget them at home which defeats the purpose of having them in the first place! You have your choice out of these cute bags:

I really LOVE the black and white one. So go by and enter here today so you can have a chance to snag one of these awesome bags!

Ali Lilly-600 Followers Crazy Awesome Giveaway Week!! Day 5

Day 5 of Ali Lilly 600 Follower Crazy Awesome Giveaway Week is a BEAUTIFUL Bracelet and Earring Set that is given by Amie over at Kitty Cat and Airplanes (another great blogger)!! The bracelet is made with black, gray, and white pearls, with a tiny little black bow charm. The earrings have gunmetal black findings with gray, white, and black pearls

Isn't it beautiful? I would so love to wear this. You should really stop by The Kitty Cats and Airplane ETSY shop! Amie has a many awesome jewelry. Like this one for example is one that I would really love to own!
Too cute, huh? So head on over to Ali Lilly to enter by today! Sorry I posted this so late I've been sick for the past few days. So quick enter here!

Ali Lilly-600 Followers Crazy Awesome Giveaway Week!!

I have to say that Ali Lilly has such an awesome blog! I have been an avid follower of her's for awhile because I love reading all her posts. You should see pics of her little baby girl she is way too cute. She has so many creative tutorials on all things crafty as well as a shop on ETSY called Ali Lilly Homemade with Heart. Her items are all unique and pretty!

I absolutely LOVE this one, The Pink Tuxedo's my favorite piece!

She is not only great with being crafty she is also generous. She is holding a whole week of giveaways for her 600 followers. So become a follower not for just the giveaway but because you really love her blog. Enter here the giveaways end tomorrow, May 28th.

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Down the Rabbit Hole

Amber over in Down the Rabbit Hole is an awesome YA blogger. 

I have been following her for a long while now and it's because she really gives great reviews. She is obviously very popular because she is celebrating hitting 1000 Followers by holding a giveaway! Even if you don't win you will still want to check out and become a follower of her blog. You'll absolutely LOVE her blog design. 

I might be partial to it because I absolutely love Alice in Wonderland. An added bonus is she has really great giveaways :) So click here to go on over and enter by May 26. Here are some of the books that are up for grabs.

There are more than these of course but you'll have to go over and see what they are...