Sunday, August 15, 2010

A Beginner of the Blogging World

So I have had this blog for awhile but I have yet to write down any reviews for it. I absolutely LOVE to read. I've been reading constantly ever since I can remember. So it should be easy for me to be a creative writer/reviewer, according to my family and friends, but that's not so. I haven't started yet just for the simple fact that I'm worried that my reviews will be stupid and people won't want to read them. I feel like my reviews could not possibly do any justice to the awesome books that I have read like the "City of Bones" series or "The Vampire Academy" series. I really started this blog so I could connect with other avid book readers because it's not everyday that I find people who love to read. In fact sometimes I get weird looks because I say that my favorite hobby in the world is to read. I honestly feel that there should be a lot more people reading in this world than watching t.v.
My husband has faith in me and believes I can do this blog so I'm just going to go ahead and go for it. So stay tune for my very first review!