Sunday, December 20, 2009

Soul Screamers Giveaway

I'm super excited about "My Soul To Save", which is a book by Rachel Vincent, it's coming out on Dec. 29th. Since Rachel Vincent is so awesome she is giving away "My Soul To Take" and "My Soul to Save" on her blog. Click on the title for this post and it will lead you straight to the contest. The contest ends Dec. 23rd so make sure you enter the contest soon. I definitely recommend "My Soul to Take" because I found it to have a really original story line. It's different from everything else that I have read and the main character is totally likeable. This is the first book that I have read from Rachel Vincent and I was so not disappointed; because I love this book so much I decided to read her other works. In my TBR pile is her adult book called "Stray", it's the first book of her Shifters series. Anways have fun reading "My Soul to Save" because I know I will!